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Every cyclist has limitations on their performance, those who experience discomfort or lack of performance will be aware of this.  Crashes aside all cycling injuries are overuse injuries.  Due to the repetition involved in cycling a small imperfection somewhere in the chain can potential cause an injury that may be difficult to get rid of.  By working with our certified bike fitter an individual optimised fit to your bike can minimise the chance of incurring overuse injuries and give you the comfort and performance you are looking for. 

Fully Customised Bike Fit – 4hrs £110

Discover where your bike contact points should be for optimal performance.  This provides you with greatest comfort, stability, power and endurance obtainable from your bicycle.  You can then utilise this information to purchase a new frame, adjust your current ride or as a basis for a custom machine.  This service is suitable for Road, Time Trial, Triathlon, Touring and MTB.   Each bike fit is unique to each individual.  Every cyclist varies in their proportions, muscular function and pattern of limitations; therefore each fit is tailored specifically to the cyclist.  There is no fixed order of changes or starting point. 

A static bike fit is performed in house where you work in confidence alongside our bike fitter to achieve the most comfortable and optimal position best suited to your riding style and requirements.  Discover where your bike contact points should be for optimal performance.  This can ensure a well balanced combination of comfort, muscular stability, power and endurance for the client on their bicycle.

 Foot activation works with the foot/shoe/pedal interface to increase proprioception. Proprioception is the body’s ability to know where it is in space. Increasing this contact in the foot provides your brain with greater feedback on your cycling performance.  Foot activation delivers increased power, efficiency, endurance and comfort.  Working with our bike fitter you will discover the benefits of foot activation from appropriate wedging and leg length adjustments, to a fully customised insole made for each foot. 

Hourly Bike Fit – £40

Shorter service aimed at quickly identifying causes of pain and discomfort, to allow the part time cyclist or weekend warrior get the most excitement out of their bike. 


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